Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Time Since I Have Been Here!

It has been a long time and there have been many changes, some of them good and some of them not so good, but that is what life is. There are many people hurting and there are some really good things that are happening. One of the good things is Chloe, she is getting some milk now and she has gained some weight. We just keep praying that she is able to keep gaining and that God will just be with each one of them and give them great comfort. Another good thing is that for right now I am not working full time. I work two days a week and am unemployed for three. I have enjoyed some time off and am able to get some things done and spend some time with my dad and getting some of his appointment taken care of. One of our daughter's high school classmates fell off of a roof and has been in the hospital with alot of broken bones and injures. He is young and has a family to take care of. There will be alot of expenses and maybe little or no income. Dad seems to be more settled in with apartment and into more of a content state. That makes it easier for me and my sisters. He is getting to know the place better and his neighbors, so those things help to make him happier. He had an appointment yesterday at the VA to have his hearing checked and to get new hearing aids, so he treated us girls to lunch and we had a very nice day out with dad.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today has been a topsey turvey day. Got up early to get to work because I had this appointed date with the cutest young man at 8:30 a.m. I got to sit in for my younger sister as grandma to her oldest grandson. She was out of town and I was ask to have the privelege to go to his third grade classroom and be his grandma. I had the best time. Lee is such a loving guy and took the best care of me. He was watching for me to come in the room, I waved to him once but he had not seen me since I had gotten my hair cut. I was clear back to his desk before he knew it was me. We ate a snack that the teacher had provided of donut holes, small blueberry muffins, small bagles, juice and coffee. She was young and her grandmother was there with her. You could tell that she was very close to her grandparents and they met alot to her. She was very pretty and had her classroom under very good control and her classroom was very bright and pretty. A very pleasant place for her students.

My boss was not pleased that he did not know I would be gone for one and a half hours. He was also missing one guy because he was sick and another came in really late and he did not know where he was. I had cleared it all with his mother and she was to be there to cover for me while I was gone but they decided to take off and left no one there to cover for me. I had an important date and had covered all the bases but the one of his missing mother.

Next was the guy who was sick. He did not bother to fill in his time card before leaving on Friday. This left me to guess how many hours he had worked on that day. I was to run payroll on Monday and how can you do this when he did not fill out his time card??? I called him twice and then the next problem came up. There was this blink in the electric. Don't know what happened but we lost the internet, which our fax machine comes in on and our telephones. So the guy could not tell me how many hours he worked. Nor we could call out or get calls in. Messy mess on a Monday and trying to run a business. I went ahead and did payroll with a guess and a prayer about his hours and decided to call it a day a little early because there was not any phones to answer or faxes to come in. Just as I was leaving the phone rang!! So we were up and running again.

I finally got home and walked into a mess. Flicka decided that today was her day to lay on the wicker couch and chew it apart. There are all of these little pieces of wood all over the floor, the blanket that we gave her to lay on and this dog that could not wait to get out the door because she knew she was in trouble. "Here, clean up this mess, I was bored, mad at you, and just plan bad today." It was a Monday!!!

There was some good news, Chloe, the premi-twin that was so bad and they thought she would not make it. News came today that she was doing better. I have been watching her mother's blog all week end for news and there was good new today.

Well, so much for this Monday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pictures of one of my favorite girls!!! Labor Day week end

Angela and I have the same camera and she is teaching me new things to do with my camera. I am learning new settings and trying to do some new things with it. So here are some of the pictures I got to take of Angela over the week end. She did not really have the time to do it but she took the time so I could have practice and have some pictures of her.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day week end

This is the fire that Kylie built all on her own with grandpa and Ari watching her while she did it. Then of course there were marshmellows to enjoy and s-mores were also on the menu before heading back home and back to school.

One of the week end projects that was very important was to build Amos and Andy (kittens) a house to live in and be warm this coming winter. So the girls and grandpa took on this project. Do you love their boots?? They get alot of use in Pennsylvania.

This is why the girls had on Terry's old t-shirts, painting!!!

Ari and her painting. She loves yellow and Kylie loves pink, so each painted their sides the color they like best.

Peach cobbler was the cake of choice this year with vanilla ice cream. And 7 candles to blow out.

Then there was the party favors that was good for teasing the puppy with. They were also used by Ari to blow air into her ballon. Great fun!!!!

Kylie and Ari love ballons, so we had a cluster of ballons plus ones to blow up and have fun with.

Kylie turned 7 in July but we always have a Pennsylvania birthday party and they had not been here since the week of July 4th, but we will have a party even if it is late.

What a jam packed week end and we had lots of fun! The four day week end that I had went by like a flash of light.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I came home from work yesterday and found the door locked!! Flicka was on the inside and I could not get in and when I left in the morning I did not lock the door. So I tried two other doors and could not get in. I did not have any keys to get in and I had to go to the bathroom and the dog had not been out for nine hours. The cell phone does not work at home and so what do I do??? I ended up getting into the basement and going upstairs. Flicka is at the door to greet me and then I see all the messes that she made that day. She had broke one of my favorite vases, took things off the dininroom table, got into the cat food, splintered a stick that she had brought in and left the mess all over, was into a waste basket. She must have gotten enough rest from her trip to Ohio and playing with the other dogs and decided it was time for her to get into anything and everything. I just could not believe all the things she had been into and the mess that she created so I had something to do when I got home. I was so upset with her and that broke one of my favorite vases. I hate to clean up glass and this has splintered all over the place. She knew that she was in trouble and to say the least she was outside and played and played and played. She came in tired. I was not sure I wanted to come home after work today to find out what she might have gotten into today but there was not one thing out of place and the door was unlocked like I had left it this morning. I told her that she would be put in a cage if she was not good.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Had a wonderful week end in Ohio with our daughter and family. The granddaughters had soccer games on Saturday and we got to go and see them play. It was so good to see them again. We took Flicka with us and she had their two dogs to play with all week end. She is now sacked out on the couch and hopefully she will be that way for a couple of days. They also have a boxer and they got to play alot outside and the only time Flicka took a break was when we went to bed at night. I will add pictures later. Back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flicka has alot of energy stored up from being home alone all day. We get to see alot of action inside and outside. As you can see from these pictures she has saved it up all day and wants to play as soon as we get home.

Sliding past it and has to get turned around.

Oh, what fun to give it a good shaking and if I bite it, it will squeek, and squeek and squeek.

I can get it, I know I can bring it down, just keep my eye on it.


I'm going to get it!!!

Stop teasing me and just do it, I'm ready!!!
This is how we spend the first part of our evening. It is a good way to unwind from a busy day at work. To have some of her energy would be wonderful. I wonder if she will play in the snow like this??